Interns, We’re Ready for You


Listen, we’re on the hunt for some smart, savvy, seriously hard-working interns. Do you fit the bill? Well, then, read on.

Interns have to…
+ knock our socks off.
+ be straight-up passionate about Far Between Productions.
+ live in NYC.
+ be available at least one full day a week.
+ have experience in and enthusiasm for merchandising, PR, marketing, editorial, and/or graphic design.
+ be able to BYO laptop (sorry).

And you should know that we…
+ really depend on our interns—so you get to do a lot.
+ really depend on our interns—so we expect a lot.

If you’re interested, email with…
+ your resume (bonus points if it’s pink or sparkly!).
+ links to your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
+ a cover letter that gives us a legit sense of your personality—if you dare “To Whom It May Concern” us…
+ deets on whether or not you can receive school credit. (Not a deal-breaker if ya can’t!)