Congratulations! You have written/starred in/ directed a new play. Well done, you!
Now how do you get people to come and see all your hard work?

This is the dilemma most artists are faced with in reference to new shows and how to get the press, media and agents to come see their work.

At Far-Between we utilize creative and strategic public relations campaigns that best fit our clients needs. We are proactive and always learning about new opportunities in the ever-changing, vast network of magazines, television, radio, newspapers, internet and social media.

At Far-Between, we work differently from most other PR companies- we have a team of expert consultants with media contacts who only work for you and only you till the job is done. This means we are available via phone or email any time of day or night to help you with all aspects of your marketing and media campaign.

With our team‚ extensive media contacts, industry experience and market knowledge, we are able to offer our clients the expertise of a large agency but a commitment to customer service.
With years of expertise in this industry, why don’t you let us handle the hard work? After all, haven’t you done enough already getting the show this far?