Who The Fuck Started All This

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Written by Dejan Dukovski

Directed by Theo Petelov and Tihomir Andonov

Dates March 28th- April 6th

New York City, NY, 2014 – “Innovative Theatre Award” award nominee WhiteListed Theatre Company presents the US premiere of Who the Fuck Started All This . This production of the Balkan absurdist drama features an international cast and crew lending authenticity to this Chekhovian like classic. International award-winning Viennese composer Adriana Milanova produced the original score for the show.

Who The Fuck Started All This features six dark vignettes inspired by Balkan urban culture and classic works. Each chapter represents a philosophy or central theme (Meaning, Joy, Faith, Hope, Love and Sin) encouraging the audience to draw parallels between their lives and the ones they are seeing on stage.  Within these worlds, thirteen characters (including circus performers, a prostitute, a tortured sexual predator, a nun and a demon) plunge head first into a poetic world of death, love and angels.

Who The Fuck Started All This is the story of each individual trying to make sense of the world around them. Desperation, longing and anticipation are juxtaposed with the farcical and absurd theatre style and incredible script. What lies beneath the impulsive and somewhat crude lines are just normal people with desires to be wanted, feel attractive and face death with dignity.

“Belgrade Trilogy established us as the only theatre company in New York City fully dedicated to producing modern Eastern European playwrights. I believe that staging Dejan Dukovski’s work will be the beginning of our journey into exploring and sharing the importance and relevance of Balkan Absurdism with New York audiences.” – Teodor Petelov, Aristic Director, The White Listed Theatre Company.

The WhiteListed Theatre Company is a vibrant multiethnic ensemble of professional artists dedicated to innovation and the creation of new art forms.  Our mission is to discover, stage and perform brilliant Eastern European plays.

Dejan Dukovski is an acclaimed Macedonian playwright and screenwriter.  Best known for his 1995 film Powder Keg for which he received the Venice Film Festival Critics’ Choice Award and a European Association of Critics’ Award (London).  He teaches film and television writing at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in the Republic of Macedonia.

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